Thursday, November 12, 2009

Love G-d, Love People, Nothing Else Matters

I'm going to Uganda because I want to know what poverty means.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Everyone dances the same way.

I saw a band, Why?, on Friday night in Carrboro. It was a good show. There were two other bands there as well. Serengeti and Polyphonic, an amazingly inventive hip-hop group, and Au, a group of annoyingly repetitive animal collective wannabe's.

I noticed something that I've never noticed before.

Everyone dances the same way.

I'm not even talking about everyone within one musical cult following, but everyone in the entire world. I mean, it makes sense I guess, there aren't really a whole lot of different ways to flail your arms and legs to a beat.

While I was watching, and somewhat participating in, the dancing happening at cat's cradle, I began to make ridiculous connections (as usual) between the small things like dancing and the large things, like life. I mean, we all want to dance, right? If our lives are our music, then we are all dancing.

Maybe you're dancing to hip-hop or maybe you're dancing to electronic trance or maybe you are even dancing to mainstream alternative rock.

Maybe you're struggling with addictions, family problems, depression, maybe it's just boredom. It's all just a different beat isn't it?

Everyone struggles the same way.

At cat's cradle, there was only a small group of people "completely" dancing and it was rather distracting and annoying because they weren't respecting anyone else's space. But this is how shows always are. Either everyone dances and has a wonderful time, or only a few people dance and make everyone else mad.

May we continue to learn to struggle together and dance together. It's never easy to dance by yourself.